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The InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu looks forward to seeing you here, in the capital of Provence, to enjoy a truly wonderful stay in this, the most exclusive of all the 5-star hotels in Marseille, under the benign gaze of Notre-Dame de la Garde and overlooking the magnificent Vieux Port. The hotel is a mere 5 minutes away from the Port, where a host of activities awaits you.



Regatta in the Marseille harbour

The sailors among you can enjoy a regatta in the Marseille harbour-one of the most beautiful bays in the world, with 300 days of annual sunshine. What better way to bring your company’s team members together, in a non-work environment, to nurture team spirit and foster better workplace relations. . Leaving from the Pointe Rouge beach-best known for surfing-and heading for the hidden coves of the Frioul archipelago, extreme sports buffs and nature lovers alike will enjoy this activity that gives them the chance to see Marseille from other, unique angles.


2CV French car rally

What could be more unusual than to tour the city and the surrounding region at the wheel of a French 2 CV? Whether your interest is gastronomy or culture, every stop on your trip will be an ideal occasion to discover or revisit the local countryside and its traditions. This will prove to be a genuine inroad into all that is chic and fashionable in and around Marseille, while also introducing you to idyllic byways and back roads.


Hot-air ballooning in Provence

See Provence from the sky! The sun-gilded hill-top villages, the chalk-white cliffs of the Alpine foothills, the heady purple of the lavender fields, the ochre of Roussillon, the fresh green of the vineyards, the deep red poppy fields and the yellow sunflowers….Provence has so very many colours all spread out far below, yet seemingly within arm’s reach, from your vantage point in the balloon’s gondola. Such are the sensations impressions that you will remain suspended twixt earth and sky long after the balloon has landed!


Les Calanques

Take in the sites on a relaxing mini cruise. Embark from the InterContinental – Marseille Hotel Dieu private pontoon, located in the heart of the Vieux Port and head out to enjoy the deep blue sea off the coast of Marseilles, with its many wonders: the coves and inlets (calanques), the transparent, turquoise waters and the labyrinthine chalk-white cliffs… Enjoy together, as a team, the exquisite beauty of it all…


Who’s for a glass of rosé?

Then there’s Cassis, with its hillside vineyards and wine cellars, miraculously clinging to the cliffs! Winegrowers and stewards, passionate about their product, will be only too pleased to inform you of the ins and outs of rosé wine and introduce you to its flavor. Cassis, beneath the overhang of the Cap Canaille cliffs, overlooking the Mediterranean, harbours the legendary Clos Saint Magdeleine vineyard. Here you can visit the famed cellars, take a wine course, or enjoy dinner among the vines. Is there a better way to discover Provence and its rosé wine?


Walking tours of 2 timeless towns

Arles, the most Roman of all the towns in Provence, has forever been a source of inspiration for artists, including the superbissime Van Gogh. . Aix-en-Provence, with its wonderful Cours Mirabeau full of cafés and restaurants, and the Sainte-Victoire Mountain, also has its claim to fame: the unsurpassed Cézanne. 2 towns in Provence: 2 legends in their own right. A walking tour is one of the best ways to visit both these places, to ensure you see the nooks and crannies, the hidden gems waiting to be discovered in the winding back streets.
Ensure your colleagues or customers enjoy lasting memories…


BBQ Chic

Round off the day with dinner at sunset, with our BBC Chic on the 750m2 terrace. Lionel Levy-leading chef in Marseille, with his modern take on all things gastronomical- aided and abetted by his talented staff, serves delicious food: farm-fresh vegetables, grilled fish and meat coked in a variety of ways, rotisserie, grilled, spit-roast or a la plancha. A meal such as this, together, is sure to spur your team on to even greater effort.