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Discovering Marseille is to immerse yourself in 2,600 years of history, filled with passion, tradition and secret. The city has its own strong unique character and is surrounded by an admirably preserved natural beauty. The sun always shines no matter the season.

Marseille can’t be visited, it has to be discovered. Our Chef Concierge Véronique Boillot shares her selection of must-see places…


Notre Dame-De-La-Garde Basilica

162 meters above sea-level the “Good Mother”, as the inhabitants affectionately call her, offers a fantastic 360-degree panorama view of all that the city and its surroundings have to offer, Built between 1853 and 1864, this basilica is distinguished by its large golden dome, topped by a monumental statue of the Virgin and Child, who watches over Marseille from its summit.

Le Vieux Port

The Vieux-Port of Marseille has been the city’s historical and cultural center since its foundation in antiquity, and is one of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean, with a history dating back more than 26 centuries. The port has been the city’s economic and cultural center, bearing witness to the intense commercial activity and maritime exchanges that have shaped Marseille over the centuries. Its fish market is renowned throughout France!

La Vieille-Charité

A former 17th-century hospice, now transformed into a major cultural center. The Vieille Charité, built by philanthropist Pierre Puget, was intended to shelter the most destitute, the sick and the orphans. Its remarkable Baroque architecture, with its imposing dome and sculptural details, makes it an iconic monument of the Panier district.

Le Panier

Le Panier is Marseille’s oldest district, located in the heart of the city and just 1 min from the hotel. Its picturesque alleyways, colorful facades and lively squares make it an iconic place steeped in history. Once a working-class district, it is now a vibrant cultural center, home to art galleries, artisan boutiques and lively cafés. Le Panier is also famous for its murals, which depict Marseille’s multicultural and cosmopolitan soul.

Calanques National Park

The Calanques of Marseille and Cassis are the perfect incarnation of paradise on earth. They enclose a secret wilderness, where the tortuous silhouettes of Aleppo pines cling to the rugged rocks. Luxury in its original state.

La Canebière and the Noailles district

La Canebière, a legendary avenue, is bordered by the imposing 19th-century Bourse and numerous Haussmann-style buildings. It leads to the Noailles district, a real open-air world market, Marseille’s gourmet heart.

Frioul Archipelago and Château d’If

This island, located 25 minutes from Marseille by boat, offers a huge playground. The Grand Souffre beach on Ratonneau island is easily accessible. On the island of Pomègues, the Calanque de la Crine offers a lunar landscape with exceptional flora and fauna. The shuttle between the Old Port and Frioul allows you to discover the Château d’If, immortalized by the legendary Count of Monte Cristo.

Le Vallon des Auffes

A picturesque little fishing port, nestled between two cliffs where time stands still. Here you find legendary restaurants, a real haven of peace resolutely turned towards the sea. Add the unmissable sunset pictures over Mare Nostrum, and you’ll understand that this is an essential stop. Take a break here before discovering Endoume, the coves of Malmousque and Fausse Monnaie.

The Velodrome Stadium

Another strong emblem of the city, the mythical birthplace of the Olympique de Marseille soccer club, which makes Marseille so vibrant. Here, soccer is more than a sport, it’s a religion that inspires all residents and supporters alike. The “Vél'” is also the venue for major concerts every year, featuring some of the biggest names on the international scene.


Today, Marseille boasts a rich cultural offering, including the MAC, the MAMO, the Cantini Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Fashion at Château Borély, the Regards de Provence Museum, the Vieille Charité, the History Museum and the famous MuCEM – the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, the jewel of architect Rudy Ricciotti, which has become a symbol of the city and its modernity.

Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse

This masterpiece of the exceptional work by modern architectural genius Le Corbusier – listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the summer of 2016 – houses on its terrace the highest museum in the Phocaean city, the MAMO, managed by renowned designer Ora-ito.


An old, isolated hamlet of fishermen and tile-makers, where you can enjoy authentic dishes from Marseilles such as the famous chichis!